About Us

Nuryıldız started their journey in Malatya in 1952 with a few knitting looms owned by 2 siblings, and continued their journey with a yarn dyehouse in Istanbul. Nuryıldız has moved its main factory to Çorlu in 2000 and carries on its production in Çorlu. During its 70 years of production, the company has achieved many firsts and has become one of the leading and preferred companies in the industry with its quality. In addition to being one of the companies that rarely use the Patch Batch dyeing method, it has also been the first firm in Turkey to use the Patch Batch dyeing method. Nuryıldız, which also makes HT dyeing in addition to the patch batch method, is at a top level in the fabric dyeing field. In addition, it showed its difference as the first company in Turkey and even in the world to mercerize viscose and became a company specialized in viscose mercerizing. Nuryıldız has made it a priority to provide raw materials for ready-made garments. With the belief that it is essential to stay abreast of the evolving fabric technology and to maintain production with the latest machines, Nuryıldız has strengthened its position in the textile industry. Nuryıldız, which produces 5,348,705 kg annually in an open area of 53,166 m² and a closed area of 33.157 m², continues its activities both abroad and domestically by exporting to 39 different countries, primarily America, Italy, and England. In addition to supplying prestigious brands such as All Saints, Armani, ASOS, Benetton, C&A, Calvin Klein, Cecil, Debenhams, Defacto, Gant, H&M, Hugo Boss, Inditex, İpekyol, J.JILL, Lacoste, Laundry, LCW, Levis, M&S, Mango, Monsoon, Nanso, New Look, NewYorker, Next, Nike, Primark, Ralph Lauren, Street One, Super Dry, Ted Baker, Tesco, and Tommy Hilfiger, it has also been putting its own collections on the market for 5 years. Nuryıldız, which continues to grow and develop constantly, works to produce the finest products with its staff of more than 300 personnel.

Our goal is to become a leading brand that is preferred in the domestic and foreign markets where we produce and serve. For this goal, we offer our customers the "quality" that we produce by combining the latest technology devices with the company values we have established over the years. As we work to maintain and increase our reputation within the fashion and textile industry, we continue to follow our ambitious but controlled and reliable principles.

In addition to the standard services in the textile sector, we prioritize customer needs and work solution-oriented. We acknowledge that trade is more than just buying and selling; products and services should be high quality and continuous. For this reason, we prioritize customer satisfaction and adopt the principle of presenting the best to our customers in the most accurate way. With the right approach and experience, we aim to maintain our quality and position by ensuring the high-quality service we provide by keeping up with technological developments is transferred to our customers.

To provide the most ideal working environment for Nuryıldız employees with the motto of "People First".

To support nature and green to root again with our eco-friendly product line.  

To maintain a close working relationship with our business partners with the belief that every job can be completed through teamwork.

To carry out standardization studies, which are a requirement for the global textile industry.  

To utilize technology most efficiently and to have a position that is followed in the sector.  

To keep productivity at the highest level and to work continuously for it.  

To create value and differentiation in all aspects of Nuryıldız's business process.