Fine Basic

Fine Basic collection, which consists of soft, breathable, durable, and long-lasting fabrics, is a collection that can be worn in every situation and manner. With Fine Basic, where comfort and simplicity come to the fore, we offer you the basic and useful items that should be in every wardrobe, combining them with high quality.


Mercerized fabrics with which we started our journey are comfortable, refreshing, soft, absorbent, breathable, and shiny fabrics. While it perfectly reflects the style and taste of the wearer with its rich color palette, it also forms a big part of daily wear as it provides comfort. We bring unique touches to your daily style with our Mercerized Collection


Our Printed collection is a creative, fun, colorful, and unlimited collection that we can offer you the color and pattern you want. Digitally produced printed fabrics can be seen in every color tone, are high resolution, and last longer. Intelligent designs are supported by a sense of fun and expression in the Printed Collection. It is also an environmentally friendly collection where we reflect our environmentalist approach by using natural and organic dyes.


Since the jacquard fabric that makes up our jacquard collection is a special and unique kind of fabric created with patterns, it has a wide range of patterns and colors. Because of their stylish, aesthetic, flashy, and eye-catching textures, jacquard fabrics are often used for evening wear and more formal clothing.

Active Sports

As Nuryıldız, we support an active life as well as a green life, and we offer you our Active Sports Collection, which we produce with our flexible, absorbent, breathable, and quick-drying fabrics. We build a healthier and fitter life with Active Sports, where we combine comfort with movement.


Our Sustainable Collection is another step towards a sustainable future. We produce natural and undyed fabrics in our Sustainable Collection. We aim to minimize the use of chemicals and zero waste with the use of undyed fabrics. We are supported by sustainable sources such as eco-friendly, natural, and organic fibers and recycled materials, and we embroider the themes of optimism and healing in our collection.


We offer you a unique range in our Unique Collection, where quality and comfort are at the highest level. Our Unique Collection, which consists of elegant, lustrous, stylish, flashy, and exclusive fabrics, is designed to make you feel special. Made from some of the rarest and finest raw materials, our fabrics are precious and exquisite fabrics that require special craftsmanship. Because of these features, they have a longer lifespan and are used in higher-priced clothing items.